Tromador's Trading Dangerously

These are the files used by the Trade Dangerous EDDBLink plugin by eyeonus
For more information see Trade Dangerous on Github
Normally, these files should be downloaded automatically by the plugin, but are linked here for reference
Timestamps are shown in current UK time.

The EDDBLink server checks periodically with EDDB for the overnight dumps and mirrors them here. In addition
it listens to the EDDN stream to create the file listings-live.csv, which contains all information transmitted since
the last overnight was downloaded.

If for some reason, you don't like to use the plugin, you can download TradeDangerous.prices (Timestamp 01:00 1/01/70).
This should directly import into Trade Dangerous, however due to megaship movements and similar, we guarantee nothing.
As ever, we strongly recommend using the plugin.